FMLDO'02: Databases, Logic, and Semistructured Data

Please note that this international workshop is scheduled to be the eleventh in a series that will focus on foundations of models and languages for data and objects as with previous workshops. There are several interesting areas covered. The main principle of this particular workshop series is envisaged to concentrate on one specific selected topic and then to provide the opportunity for an in-depth and far reaching exchange of ideas and a variety of experiences.

There will be several areas to be covered and designs in place for stimulating extensive discussions. It should also be noted that presentation slots are determined to be about one hour long each. In addition to the talks and discussions, there will be several working groups and further panel discussions. We are proud to be able to provide additional interest with invited talks by leading researchers in the field and includes:


The main focus of this workshop will be about "Databases, Logic and Semistructured Data". The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers on deductive databases and also researchers on semistructured data and the "semantic web". Especially welcome will be papers on the combination of both areas, although we will be happy to accept any contributions covering only one of either area. Typical, but not necessarily exclusive topics of interest being covered are:


It should be noted that papers for submission should not exceed 16 pages (layout: 12pt, single-spaced on US letter or A4 paper). All electronic submissions should be in Postscript or PDF format and sent to: [email protected]. Current information about the workshop available on this page.

All proceedings by participant's will be available at the workshop. The previous three FMLDO workshops had LNCS proceedings so there are plans to publish a post-workshop proceedings in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.


The site of the Workshop will be held at the beautiful Castle of Rauischholzhausen Conference Centre which is a short distance from Frankfurt Airport.